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Editorial Bioteck

23 November 2022

Bioteck has been awarded as Best Performer Company 2022

Following a study conducted by the Italy Post Study Center – a prestigious body developing in-depth research to improve business world’ knowledge – Bioteck was found to be among the top 1000 companies by level of performance in Vicenza province.
The Best Performer Company certificate of merit was delivered to us on Monday 14 November, during a ceremony event that took place at the Teatro Comunale in Vicenza.


Interview with Eng. Nico Biasiolo, General Manager – Bioteck Spa



“Bioteck Spa bases its growth strategy on quite a number of key points. The choice to never compromise in the quality of its medical devices in the field of regenerative medicine, thus making important and constant investments in materials and processes’ research and development. Strong focus on management control, employing resources while maintaining good margins – which currently sees Bioteck Spa financially independent from credit institutions.

A conscious choice by the company not to use debt instruments for the purpose of growth, despite the awareness that the relationship with banking institutions remains crucial and strategic for company daily management.

Bioteck Spa aims to engage in excellent distribution partnerships also for post market surveillance activities, duty typical of Bioteck Spa’ products that are class III medical devices.

Relationship with suppliers is strategic as well. Over the years it has been enhanced in terms of selection both in Italy and in Europe for mutually beneficial growth together with Bioteck Spa.

Last but not least, continuing selection and training of HRs bases on lean and small team, full of highly qualified transversal skills, cohesive and aimed at constant and continuous improvement of processes and products.

The team is the expression and foundation of Bioteck’s vision: “Becoming the reference manufacturer of regenerative solutions and technical-surgical applications the less invasive possible.”

Bioteck Spa’ growth will be achieved through migration of devices according to the new European legislation (MDR) – with company commitment in heavy investments – to reconfirm its medical devices’ certification and with expanding medical devices’ certifications according with international ones, such as the FDA, which allow to expand markets, enhancing partners, suppliers and customers, always with a close eye on improvement of processes and research and development of new products.

Without losing the sense of our reality as SME with solid roots in Veneto and Piedmont with great pride of its Italianness, Bioteck Spa has been able to develop its technology and production thanks to Zymo-Teck, Exur-Teck and Collagen-Teck patents for which the company has developed specific and innovative production plants – as they were not available in the market – with high automation and minimal human intervention. This aspect also requires a careful selection of human resources with very high specialization and complexity of scientific knowledge.”