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25 February 2023

Use of a new collagen hydrogel in the treatment of periodontal pockets

(“Perio Tribune” January 2023)

Today we present a case series of 10 patients with periodontal pockets treated with H42®, the new collagen hydrogel in syringe from Bioteck.

H42® is applied in the non-surgical treatment of periodontal and peri-implant pockets following mechanical plaque removal therapy.

Its purpose is to seal the pocket, prevent re-infection and promote natural healing of the soft tissues.

Due to its unique composition based on type I collagen, resorbable polymers and ancillary amounts of vitamin C, H42® has an optimal rheology that allows it to adapt to the geometry of any pocket.

Results of the article published in the monthly periodical Perio Tribune and on the website show how H42® also acts on pocket depth and plaque index…

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