H42 collagen-based hydrogel


Editorial Bioteck

28 March 2022

H42®. Innovative collagen-based hydrogel

An innovative collagen-based hydrogel for the treatment of periodontal and perimplant pockets.

H42® by Bioteck is a collagenic hydrogel in pre-filled syringe having an adjuvant function in the treatment of periodontal and peri-implant pockets.

Its primary action is to seal the pocket by adapting perfectly to its geometry and to prevent bacterial recolonization for 15-30 days, then being reabsorbed without leaving residues.

H42® is biological and free from aggressive components; its collagen component acts as a substrate for cell colonization promoting the natural healing of the patient’s tissue.

Treatment with H42® is minimally invasive. It is performed after the debridement of the element to be treated, be it a dental element or an implant. H42® is extruded into the site kept dry, starting from the floor of the pocket: it can be conveyed through a wide range of needles among the most popular in dental surgeries, thanks to its peculiar characteristics of fluidity and consistency.

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