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Editorial Bioteck

28 October 2022

Bioteck Social Responsability: 4 Cats – Wheelchair Rugby

4 Cats H81 ASD – Wheelchair Rugby Vicenza, is one of the first associations Bioteck chose to support as part of its Bioteck Social Responsability project.

An association dedicated to wheelchair rugby – wheelchair rugby – a Paralympic sport that is aimed at quadriplegic athletes who compete 4 against 4 on special wheelchairs built to withstand the spectacular shocks that occur during a match.

Anyone can appreciate and admire the importance of an association like this which, in addition to the intrinsic value it brings to its athletes, is a great human example and a teaching that is passed on every time they go out. Attending one of their matches highlight how big these guys are!

Good games and have fun guys!

Bioteck Social Responsability is our corporate responsibility project that is based on the desire to make a contribution to the activities of educational, training and moral assistance associations in a vision of support and benefit for their community, their territory in Vicenza.