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14 March 2024

Bioteck Social Responsibility: interview with Nicola Giuriolo, captain of the 4Cats

A chat with Nicola Giuriolo, captain of 4 Cats H81 ASD – Wheelchair Rugby Vicenza, a wheelchair rugby team that Bioteck has supported since 2024 as part of its Social Responsibility project.
A group of resilient and determined athletes, who have overcome and overcome physical and mental challenges, promoting competitiveness, sportsmanship, and social inclusion through sport. They offer a powerful example of how sport can be a tool for personal overcoming.

Nicola, can you tell us what are the next championships or tournaments in which we could see you involved?

Our team will face an intense sporting agenda, starting with the organization of the first stage of the Italian championship on 16 and 17 March in Schio, in the province of Vicenza. Subsequently, from 21 to 24 April, we will move to Germany, to Cologne, for the Bernd Best Turnier, a prestigious international tournament. Finally, on May 25th and 26th, we will be the key players in the 2024 Italian Cup, where we will strive to show the best of our talent and team spirit.

What are your expectations for the upcoming events?

We aim to surpass last year’s successes, where we took third place in both the championship and the Italian Cup.

How would you describe the current team spirit and how do you think it contributes to the success of the group?

Team spirit is high. Our staff is passionately dedicated to ensuring that this is always the case because it is important for the results and it is important for each of us who participates.
We are excited and can’t wait to start the new season.

Are there any new arrivals compared to last year?

We welcomed three new athletes: Mario Andrea Steccanella, Angela De Bortoli and Stefan Mehr, the latter coming from Austria.

Have there been any particular challenges the team has faced recently? How did you overcome them?

Last year, we faced the departure of two pillars of our roster, Davide Parolin and Marco Ferro. Despite this, we have transformed this challenge into an opportunity, welcoming new talents with enthusiasm and maintaining an always high and positive team spirit.

What do you think is the best thing about playing wheel chair rugby?

Team spirit, sense of belonging, game strategies and physicality are key elements for those who love competition. Practicing wheel chair rugby offers us the prospect of representing Italy in European competitions, an achievement that embodies the culmination of commitment and competitive passion.

You are the captain, a leading role in a team that perhaps allows you to have a different perspective on your teammates too. How do you believe this sport contributes to the well-being and inclusion of the people who practice it?

Many young people who take up this sport live with significant disabilities, such as quadriplegia, and are often used to a more isolated life, focused on managing everyday life. Joining our team represents for them the opening to new possibilities, discovering that, despite physical limitations, it is possible to undertake multiple activities. Being part of a group that shares similar experiences helps new members not to feel isolated, but rather motivates them to overcome their barriers, promoting an increase in autonomy that is also positively reflected in their daily lives.

What are the long-term dreams and goals for the 4Cats?

Our dream is to grow both as a game and in results, aspiring to become a pillar on the national scene. Then there are other dreams: as an association we wish to establish ourselves in a permanent headquarters that acts as a hub for our activities and start new sports disciplines dedicated to people with disabilities, thus expanding our community.

We saw that you went to secondary schools to meet kids to talk about sports and to talk about your world. How was the experience?

Visiting schools is one of our main commitments. We are convinced that educating young people, not only about sport but also about disability, is essential to prepare future generations for greater sensitivity on these issues. These meetings also prove invaluable for discovering new potential athletes with disabilities, since interaction with students constitutes one of the main channels through which we enrich our team.

How did you perceive the young people you met?

The experience was positive, the kids are always very curious and spontaneously asked questions of all kinds.
This is not something to be taken for granted, years ago it would not have happened.

Is there anything else you want to add?

I would like to sincerely thank Bioteck for the support it has given us for years now. Without the help of sensitive people and companies like yours we couldn’t do anything we do. We are waiting for you to cheer for us at our championship stage: I hope many of you will attend to make our opponents tremble!
Greetings and hugs

Thanks Nicola, we return the greetings.
And good luck!