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25 June 2022

Bioteck Social Responsibility: Girls & Science

Starting from 2022, with a long-term vision, Bioteck S.p.A. has launched a social responsibility program to carry out and support social and training activities in its own territory: Vicenza city.

Among the first initiatives we participated in, there is the far-sighted Girls & Science Project promoted by Apindustria Confimi Vicenza, which is aimed at 2nd-3rd-4th high school students in the city of Vicenza to raise awareness on the acquisition of STEM disciplines (acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).
A project bridging the “gender gap” related to the number of girls who decide to undertake studies and work activities in the field of technical and scientific disciplines.

In the half day spent in the laboratory with the students, we were able to introduce the concept of biomaterial in the field of tissue engineering and the impact that biomaterials have on people’s lives in different areas of regenerative medicine.
They experienced directly in a practical way, some phenomena such as the interaction of biomaterials with fluids and the factors affecting the activity of enzymes for industrial use.
The meeting was very pleasant and getting to know our world a little was a way to stimulate the interest and curiosity of these young students has been a beautiful experience.

We are glad we have contributed to the future of these girls: future innovations will come from the present young generations’ ideas and may one day benefit the whole society.

Bioteck girls & science Liceo Fogazzaro

Bioteck girls & science Liceo Fogazzaro

Bioteck girls & science Liceo Fogazzaro

Bioteck girls & science Liceo Fogazzaro