lamine ossee corticali flessibili


Editorial Bioteck

18 January 2024

New brochure: Flex Cortical Sheet, flexible cortical bone sheets

A new brochure is now available for product Flex Cortical Sheet, a special equine cortical bone sheet deantigenated through the Zymo-Teck® enzymatic process.

Flex Cortical Sheet is a perfectly biocompatible heterologous tissue, which maintains unchanged the physical and morphological characteristics of the tissue of origin and the components of the extracellular matrix, including bone collagen (type I) in native conformation.


The brochure contains in-depth information, information related to the product, its advantages and its possible clinical applications.


Also in this brochure we have included a QR Code to access a technical area containing a rich scientific literature that is always up to date.


> Download the PDF