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Bioteck opens the doors of its own tissue processing laboratory, in the belief that watching the production process closely may have an educational impact and be interesting at the same time. Learn how biomaterials with excellent clinical performance are obtained from equine tissues (femurs, pericards, tendons), where raw materials come from, what quality control measures are adopted, how Bioteck differs from other brands … All this play a role in creating a wealth of information that makes the surgeon totally aware of his choice.

Bioteck Academy: the experience to share

The Bioteck Academy is the natural meeting point of all the experiences that contributes on a daily basis to the development of Bioteck.
It promotes the circulation and diffusion of knowledge in the field of tissue regeneration applied to dentistry, maxillofacial surgery, orthopedics and neurosurgery.
The Bioteck Academy, through interaction with researchers from both foreign and national universities and through collaboration with the best clinical centers, has developed a culture aimed at sharing scientific knowledge and disseminating the best techniques and procedures in the various areas of regenerative surgery .

Discover the Bioteck Academy

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