Calcitos bone substitute


Editorial Bioteck

21 December 2021

New brochure: Calcitos® Slow resorption bone substitute

We have created a new brochure for Calcitos®, the slow resorption bone substitute of equine origin, that has been enriched with useful information and scientific data.
In the brochure, other than the information relative to the features and the advantages of the product, we indicate possible applications in combination with flex cortical sheets or pericardium membrane, based on the clinical situation.
To allow a complete and up-to-date access to the clinical evidences as well as to the wealthy scientific literature, we have introduced a new tool to always have the latest bibliographic references: the dynamic literature. By pointing towards the QR code in the brochure you are redirected to the specific references, which are constantly updated in real-time.

> To know more, download the PDF